2014年春Linux操作系统分析 Topics in Linux Operating Systems,Spring 2014

  • Instructors: Mengning(孟宁) and Chunjie Li(李春杰), Homeworks Checking by Mengning
  • Time: 8:00 - 10:25 every Monday and Thursday,from 17 feb. to 10 april.
  • Location: Room 239 of Mingde Building(明德楼)
  • Homeworks time and location: Tuesday night 19:00 - 21:30 in week 4、5、7、8、9(standby), Room 318 of Sixian Building (思贤楼)
  • Discussions: through Teamtrac Ticket & QQ群229570921
  • Examination time and location:2014年4月17日 8:30-10:30,Room 116 of Mingde Building(明德楼)

Introduction of Linux System

How the Computer Works

Without understanding the basic concepts of Computer, you really can not understand how Operating system works on Computer.

The evolution of operating systems.

Without understanding the concepts and theory of Operating system, you really can not understand why Linux kernel is coded in that way.

Understanding the Linux Kernel

Linux System Architecture

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